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The leaves of the trees began their descend,
And the day closes to a gloomy end.
The flowers of fall start to die,
Just like my mate, who I say "good bye."

I crossed the river to an old place,
A place which used to be filled with grace.
The place where I met my fate,
The territory of my once known mate.

I looked down in the water of the river,
And what I saw gave me a shiver.
Because, what I saw was a face not of my own,
But of my mate whom I have known.
HOLY CRAP, poetry??? By DragonThunderstorm? Yup, all for an assignment for school x3 I am NO GOOD at poetry, not at all but when i made this up, i was like "HOLY CRAP ALMIGHTY!" I am sure you remember ~> well, i was thinking about that when i made this up (five minutes ago) :XD:

Hope you like it =p
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January 10, 2013
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